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The Paradigm Cell
  CNC Router
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  Spindle and Pressure Foot

We designed the structure of this sheet router specifically to cut stacked sheets. A heavy steel plate supports the table and internal braces provide rigidity. Throughout the structure we have weight where it is needed to provide stability and help dampen vibration. The Paradigm router is a purpose-designed high speed aluminum cutting router, not a modified wood router.



We use the latest generation Siemens linear motors that accelerate with 1G force. These powerful motors take the machine from dead stop to top speed of 4000” per minute in 2/10’s of a second, a critical advantage in hole drilling. With linear motors there are no parts to wear out, so there is very little maintenance required.



Stackmaster’s patented Groundhog clamps act in less than one second. This allows us to secure the stack by opening and closing the clamps without hesitation, keeping the cutter path clear. These clamps greatly reduce the nest border, thereby saving thousands of dollars in material every week.



Our patented clamp is specially designed for our system and its durability eliminates repair and maintenance worries. See the clamp in action.



Our table top is a vacuum chuck, which allows us to cut a single sheet at up to 600” per minute. With this speed you can quickly make only the parts you currently need. Although these parts show tabs, no tabs are required if the parts have a sufficient surface area for the vacuum to hold them in place. We used “O” condition material for all our tests, both stack and single sheet.


Paradigm CNC Router Specifications



Table Sizes: 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 12’ or European Sheet Size. Machine structure designed for maximum rigidity and stability.

Cell Controller: Siemens 840D with integrated Pentium PC, Windows XP front end.

Nesting Software/Post Processor: Every cell is provided with powerful Part Nesting Software that adds tabs and tab trimming routines to your parts after the nesting step. Also provided is the post processor to drive every function of the cell and create bar code labels.

Spindle: 15-40HP 35,000 rpm; HSK50 hydraulic chuck; liquid chiller cooling system; internal oil-mist bearing lube; hybrid ceramic bearings; multiple safety shut down protections.

Pressure Foot System: Automatic Pressure Pad Changer; Stackmaster Point-focus high-pressure mist nozzles; aerodynamic flow for better than 99% chip collection; air curtain protection on pressure pad.

Machine Table: Programmable, disappearing, rapid action clamps for stack holding
(1.5-second action); Pop-Up ball sheet transfer system; High Pressure, High Volume Vacuum Surface for single sheet capability; 3 Zones for partial sheet process.

Axis Drives: High Power, water-cooled Siemens Linear Motors with Heidenhain scale feedback, 100 meters/min rapid traverse, 1G acceleration.

Automatic Materials Handling: Composes nests of single sheet, partial sheet, or stacks up to ½” high by bar code recognition and loads/unloads machine table. Can be configured to fit your factory floor space. Lifts sheets, spoilboards or entire stacks.

Safety: Optional Enclosures and/or electronic curtains as per customer requirement.

ATC: 40-tool magazine; tool selections in the background; 2-second swing-arm tool change; 15-second chip-to-chip time.

Table Vacuum System: 50-75 HP High Volume/High Pressure twin rotary screw vacuum pump with sound enclosure.

Chip Collection System: 7.5-15 HP High Static Pressure System with collection hopper and stand.

Process Speed: Single sheet up to 600”/min, ½” stacks up to 200” per minute; less than
1 second per hole in ½” stacks, average hole to hole positioning is 1/10 second.

Positioning Accuracy: +/-.001” over entire work surface.

Surface Finish in Stack Mode: 80Ra or better.


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