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Handling System


The Paradigm Cell
  CNC Router
  Handling System
  Automatic Pressure Pad Changer
  Automatic Tool Changer
  Spindle and Pressure Foot

Stack router set-up times are highly variable and can be greater than the routing and drilling times combined. Our Paradigm detail aircraft parts cell eliminates this problem with a totally flexible, automatic sheet handling system.



From the right the four stations are: Sheet Storage, Machine Loading, MDF Spoilboard Storage, Completed Nest or Purge Station. Our lifter frame can lift a single sheet with vacuum cups or grip the entire stack with spoilboard and move it left and right. Our machine load station can transport nests onto and off the machine in a through-feed or reverse motion cycle. This combination of capabilities makes our handling system uniquely flexible and compact. It requires a minimum of floor space and can be adapted by adding stations. The sheets are bar-code labeled and composed in our aluminum sheet carrier box and brought to the cell by forklift.



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