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Vilmill: Revolutionizing the Milling Industry

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See how vilmill optimizes milling. Watch this video!

This part is about 2" wide and .060" thick.
The cross section measures .055".

What is vilmill?

vilmill is a substrate developed by Freudenberg Vliesstoffe in Germany and is patented worldwide. It is laid between the work piece and the vacuum table of a router or a vacuum chuck on a CNC milling machine. vilmill has an integrated adhesion layer on the top side. This layer is activated during the milling process. When suction is applied, the fiber structure of vilmill acts as a diffuser and increases the holding power of a vacuum table or vacuum chuck. The combination of these two effects leads to a much improved and reversible means of securing the work pieces and the remaining material in place during the milling process until they are easily removed.

With its specially developed layer, vilmill is designed to allow a multiplicity of different materials (aluminum, plastics, especially also glass fiber and carbon fiber, brass, copper, composite materials or similar) to be used in the machining process. Vilmill is ecologically safe and, in compliance with the local regulations, can be disposed of or incinerated so that no other problematic materials are introduced into the machining process.

How does vilmill improve the milling process?

Increased feed rate: The feed rate of appropriately powered machines can be increased by as much as 100%, even for small and delicate pieces. The limiting factor is now no longer the fixturing of the work pieces.

Greater accuracy: Holding the work pieces securely in place increases the accuracy of the machined parts, therefore reducing the need for reworking, as well as the reject rate.

Better utilization of materials equals reduced costs: Work pieces are often made out of expensive materials. The secure fixing allows cut out sections to be positioned closer together, resulting in better utilization of the material and therefore reducing costs.

Effectively & efficiently produces small items: Even small items are safely embedded into the special adhesion layer and held securely enough to allow safe automatic processing.

Protects expensive machinery: Used as a base on the machine vilmill also protects the milling table and provides an ideal way to remove the pieces from the machine.

Easily integrated into your current environment: vilmill is available in rolls of different widths appropriate for various applications and machines.