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The Paradigm Cell

The Paradigm Cell
  CNC Router
  Handling System
  Automatic Pressure Pad Changer
  Automatic Tool Changer
  Spindle and Pressure Foot

Meet Today's Aircraft Industry Challenge.


Produce one part or hundreds, on a just-in-time basis, and at a lower cost. Maintain stringent ATA accuracy. Automatic materials handling ensures the machine always produces at maximum capacity and our unique approach to drilling and cutting sets the new standard for these processes. And, of course, we are using the De-Tagging method for stacks and for smaller parts in single sheets. Parts with sufficient surface area are held securely in place on our vacuum machine table during routing.



Spindle/Pressure Foot System: 35,000 rpm spindle 15-40 hp; focused, high-pressure coolant nozzles; better than 99% chip collection; automatically changes from a gliding routing pad to a high friction pad for tab trimming (de-tagging).


40 Tool ATC with Swing-Arm: 2 sec. tool exchange; 15-second chip-to-chip tool change time; dedicated tool pockets to prevent set-up errors; stationary carousel tool magazine for easy loading and reduced gantry weight to facilitate acceleration and deceleration.


Programmable Pop-Up Clamps: Secure stacks in 1.5 seconds. OPTION: Clamps can be programmed to open and close around the spindle path for significantly more sheet utilization and greatly reduced materials cost.


Siemens Linear Motors and CNC Control: 100meter/min 1G acceleration for the fastest drilling cycles. Heidenhain linear scale feedback for greatest accuracy. Cell is driven by the flagship version Siemens 840D CNC control.


4’ x 8’ or 4’ x 12’ Vacuum Table: High-pressure vacuum hold down, divided into 3 zones, for routing partial single sheets or stacks that are shorter than the standard 8’ or 12’ length. Capacity range: single sheet by vacuum hold-down only or up to ½” stack held by perimeter clamps.


Lifter Gripper Frame: Lifts single sheets, vacuum spoil boards or entire stacks; conveys loads left to right between as many as 5 stations. Load is moved onto and off the router table securely gripped by our “Pac Man” loader device.1


Cell Handling System: Sheets are labeled with cell-produced bar-codes. You stack the supply of sheets for multiple shifts onto the cell in-feed station and collect finished parts, automatically off-loaded, from the machine table.


Sheet Supply Station: Provides inventory storage for several shifts’ requirements of nests. Other stations are for Spoilboards, Machine Loading, and Incorrect Load Purge. Unload station can be behind, beside or in front of machine.


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